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‚Äčwriting workshop - ongoing - headspace, Werribee 
Working with young people in the local area.
This workshop started as a weekly space for young people to write, share and eat Amberley's baked goods.

She is now working with several of the staff to give them the skills and confidence to facilitate the workshops themselves so it can be self sustainable.

Watch this space for more projects with this group!

Facilitator: Amberley Laverick
Amberley has many years of experience facilitating writing workshops in London, Nairobi and Australia. The
philosophy underpinning her workshops is, everyone has a unique voice and by writing with others that voice, which might otherwise stay silent, is given space and encouargement to grow and strengthen.
Even though the process of writing may be solitary, sharing our words adds another element to the writer's life. So often notebooks are stuffed into draws without anyone experiencing the power of those stories or poems. 
Workshops with Amberley are about exploring the stories we all have inside of us.
Contact amberley@stuckonwords.com for more information.