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I have always been a writer, and I have always held a special place on paper to allow the wildest parts of my mind run free. Working with Amberley in her creative writing group has seen me, for the first time in my life, share my vulnerability in a way that is not only celebrated, but liberating - Niki, Weribee

Coming to the workshops is like therapy becuase it is like I am telling the world how I feel and they are trying to understand what I said. Kind of like walking into a packed room, screaming out your loudest, then walking back out, leaving people confused - Peter, London

The workshops are great because they give you a chance to express yourself through poetry which I find really enjoyable - Christelle, London

The teachers are really good and spend a lot of time and dedication to help us explore our inner imagination - Adele, London

we are wired for stories so imagine the potential when we unlock our voice

Depending on where they stand on the nature-nurture divide, theorists believe that we are either somehow innately wired to think in terms of stories, or that the plasticity of our minds is just especially receptive to stories. Because humans have been telling stories to one another for 100,000 years — since at least the time the first Homo sapiens inherited the earth from the Neanderthals, and perhaps longer — evolutionary biologists hypothesise that our brains have become “rewired” to embrace story structure.

It is as if, as writer and storyteller Laura Burns suggests, our bodies hold the shared memory of thousands of years of listening to stories. “I believe we are somehow aware of this on a very subliminal level when we listen to stories,” says Burns. “And for that reason, we are involved and engaged with storytelling like few other arts.”

Excerpt from The Science Behind Stories by Peter Meyers (Discovery Magazine, 2013)
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